We are lucky to be able to work with some fantastic stores across Europe who support People Tree, who love to look and feel great!  I asked some of our stockists what Fairtrade means to them and what motivates them to buy People Tree.  Here is what two of them had to say…


Liv Bente from ‘Libe Fair Living’ – Oslo, Norway


Why did you start ‘Libe Fair Living’?

I started Libe Fair Living in 2002-2003. I was travelling in Ethiopia, Kenya and Senegal and it really opened my eyes. In St.Louis, Senegal I contributed to the opening of a small shop where we were selling handmade batik clothes, djembe drums, masks and other handcrafted stuff. All of the items in the shop was sourced from local craftsmen. I realised how important this local trade was for the producers. I am pleased to say that this shop is still open in Senegal.

I opened my shop LiBe Fair Living in Norway in 2007. It has been a great journey working with all these ethical brands. Together I feel that we are really doing something so important and good for making the world a better place. We all have to be the change we want to see.


What made you decide you wanted to sell People Tree?

I have been selling People Tree for about 6 years, and I always love every collection. I love the fact that it is all Fair Trade, and that each item has a story behind it. When I know who made my clothes, it makes me feel good. Makes me feel that by buying these clothes I am making a contribution to make the world a better place. The other important thing for me is the organic cotton. After learning more about cotton industry, and how it pollutes the soil, and how cotton farmers suffer on the fields, it is so important that we choose organic cotton. The third reason why I love People Tree is the designs. I wear dresses most of the year, and most of People Tree’s dresses are designed in a way that you can dress them up for a party or down for a day at work or everyday use. There is no “bling-bling” that makes you only wear them one day of the year.

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Left, Liv Bente in her favourite People Tree dress, right, her shop ‘Libe Fair Living’.

What are your favourite pieces from the SS15 collection?

The Pink Orla Kiely Wallflower Print Sleeveless Dress will be my favourite summer dress! I feel feminine and beautiful when I wear it. It is perfect to wear now in March with some tights and a cardigan, and will certainly see me through the summer months.

Another favourite piece of mine is the Orla Kiely Birdwatch Shirt Dress in a lovely soft organic jersey cotton. I love the retro style print and the design. It is a flattering fit, and it even has pockets! I cannot wait to wear it this summer.

The Kirstie cardigan is so beautiful and will be my final choice. Since I often wear dresses, cardigans like this is a must have in my wardrobe. I love that it is hand knitted by the women at KTS in Nepal, making every garment special and unique.




Nynke from ‘Diezijner’ – Groningen, Netherlands


What is the story behind ‘Diezijner’?

I opened Diezijner in March last year. It has always been a goal of mine to open my own store. A store where you’ll find beautiful items, items that are made with heart, head and hands. I believe that products made with a passion will resonate that feeling to the customers who will treasure the items for themselves or feel happy to give them to someone special. In a time of fast fashion I want people to stand still and see that everything is made by someone, and that there is great beauty in that. That it is not normal to buy something and discard it the next day.

The story behind a dress or toy is just as important as the function of it. The idea that someone has, that slowly takes form into the final product and the people and process behind that. That is what makes the articles in my shop stand out and makes them appealing.


Nynke wearing her Elsie dress from last season.


What made you decide to sell People Tree in your shop?

We sell People Tree because of the passionate people behind the label trying to change the World. Besides the ideology of People tree it is the timeless pieces, sparkling colours and patterns, that fit perfectly in Diezijner (that is pronounced designer but says “They are here” ) My store is a welcome change to the bland assortment most stores sell.  We love colour! And the vintage and Scandinavian touch we also see in People tree.

What does Fairtrade mean to you?

Fair-trade means to me, respect for people, materials and nature. To take good care of what you buy. To see that what you buy has worth, and your actions have a ripple effect. So you better make it positive. We promote this in our store by knowing and telling the story behind the items and designers that sell their products with us.


Fiona Packe

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