We’re big advocates of anything that encourages health and positivity at People Tree; life is too short not to be out there enjoying every day!

But the work/life balance can be difficult to maintain, and finding easy ways to fit things in around our other demands is important. With this in mind we’ve been brainstorming for Walk to Work Day this Friday (April 1st). It might be an American calendar event, but we’re taking the sentiment and running – or at least walking – with it!

It’s no secret that there are a huge number of health benefits associated with exercise, but it doesn’t have to be heavy weights and hardcore sweat – every step counts. Our daily commute is one aspect of modern life that is necessary but often a huge time drain. What if we could turn that hour or two into something that gave us a more positive outlook on life?

Walking to work can do just that. So without further ado, here are our top tips to make walking to work work for you!

1. Do it in comfort … and style!

Set your clothes out the night before. You’ve probably already been told how much it helps, but this simple trick makes those early mornings run much more smoothly! Pop your work clothes in a little rucksack and line up your trainers and comfortable walking clothes to throw on as soon as you get up.

People Tree's Yoga Cropped Leggings
People Tree’s Yoga Cropped Leggings

Checkout our Yoga Cropped Leggings for a great comfortable option to wear on your walk to work. And when it comes to packing for the night before, lay out the Ada Jacket for a super lightweight comfortable option that will see you through the workday.

The Ada Jacket
The Ada Jacket


Or what about the Sophia Poplin shirt in white and the Kelis flared skirt in black for another classic combo?

If bargains are your thing, then the Nikita Dress in black is another brilliant option and currently on sale!

The Nikita Dress
The Nikita Dress

2. Don’t rush

Rushing in the morning doesn’t set you up for a great day. Stop hitting that snooze button, jump in the shower and take your time over a cup of coffee instead of sprinting out the door. You’ll soon forget how comfy bed was … we promise! You may want those extra ten minutes now, but it will leave you feeling like you’re two steps behind all day. Instead, do yourself a favour, and stay one step ahead.

3. Trust yourself

Walking to work is a lot easier for some, purely because they live closer! Don’t be disheartened if the distance seems too much, or if your leg is playing up – break up your commute in a way that suits you and only walk parts of it. Trust your body and your instincts – that way, it will put a spring in your step however much you walk!

4. Tune into your favourite podcast

Lining up podcasts is one of our favourite commute activities. It’s a relaxing way to start the day and get your mind whirring. Some of the People Tree favourites include Serial and Strangers, but there are thousands to suit every taste – check out this list for some inspiration and get downloading.

5. Prepare

And finally, prepare for all eventualities! It’s horrible to feel like your plans have been dashed by something out of your control – and with our temperamental English weather it’s best to expect the unexpected. It might be a warm sunny evening, but lay out a waterproof jacket and an umbrella for the morning, just in case. You never know!


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