Lucy Siegle’s Gift Picks


Lucy Siegle is a journalist, writer and long-time supporter of People Tree. She has written a weekly ethical living column for The Observer since 2004 as well as two books – Green Living in the Urban Jungle and To Die For.

FOR MY DAD: Brown Scott Brushed Shirt

scott brush checked shirt

A quality piece that guarantees excellent production ethics and longevity. My dad will appreciate both of those facts.

FOR BEN: Mens Burgundy Peter Jensen Sweatshirt


A brilliant nod to contemporary design in yet another great designer collaboration from People Tree. I like to collect these collaborations!

FOR MY SISTER: Zakee Shariff Shooting Star V Neck Dress


I think People Tree produces great dresses, particularly of this shape. Perfect for the party season! My sister has a party for all her neighbours over Christmas and she’d love the cut and colour of this. It’s festive but not too over the top. It’s great to have a Christmas piece that works all winter – ‘more mileage per dress’ that’s my motto!

FOR MY MUM: Cream Alice Fairisle Cardigan


Classic design – always works! A winter basic.

FOR MY MOTHER-IN-LAW: Taja Drop Earrings


My mother-in-law, Linda, loves jewellery and art deco influence and I’m sold on the smokey glass in these. Subtle and elegant.

FOR ME: Black Dove Shirt Dress


This is going on my Christmas wishlist! Easy to wear, classic and a really cute, subtle print.


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