In support of World Hunger Day, our merchandising manager Jo has been taking on the ‘Living Below the Line’ challenge in which the total value of all food and drink she consumes for a day must be below £1. Here’s how it went on day four.

Again, I woke up feeling hungrier than I usually do and a bit weaker. My muscles have been aching a little, and seeing as I haven’t been exercising, I put it down to the poor diet. Maybe the lack of fruit, veg and protein is making my muscle mass waste away a little?

I’m surprised that I haven’t missed chocolate, I usually have some every other day. I’ve particularly missed having more choice of what to drink, and there are the temptations of fruit juice and tea at my house. When taking on this challenge I thought it would be harder whilst at home than at work, and I was right. Not only were my house mates making it hard for me by eating bacon sarnies and ordering a takeaway, but I also had thoughts running through my mind such as ‘no one would know if I had a sneaky juice, or sugar on my porridge’. At least at the office no one would let me eat anything naughty, but also work kept me busy so I didn’t think about ‘other’ food. I needed a distraction and painting the kitchen helped!

I’m bored of the same old meals and snacks. Today I had prawn noodles with egg and it was pretty tasty; I wasn’t used to so much flavour as everything else I had eaten was fairly bland. However, I couldn’t eat it all; maybe my stomach had shrunk? I felt bad about throwing out the last few mouthfuls when I had such limited food, but I think I preferred feeling a little hungry occasionally to feeling too full from overeating often. I hope this will become a permanent habit learnt from this challenge, no more overeating! We’ll see!


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