The shops are littered with different products to keep your hair soft, create volume or de-frizz. Really, I’ve never been too sold by any of these, although the rows of shiny bottles do flirt and self-preening can often be quite therapeutic. Still though, the products I tried seemed to have very little effect and when I started dyeing & bleaching my hair (quite intensely I must admit!), I really needed some things to stop it simply giving up hope and falling out. Through trial and error I’ve found several lifesaving products which have kept my hair strong and healthy. So without further ado here’s my personal breakdown on oils, tips and tricks to keeping that mane of yours fighting fit!

Best oils:

1)      Organic Fairtrade Macadamia Oil

Macadamia oil is the closest botanical oil to human sebaceous oil, thus providing our locks with the best set of nutrients. It’s quite thick in your palm and smells lovely and a 50ml bottle has lasted me ages. Just searching for “organic macadamia oil” on Google Shopping will find you a vast selection which look generally the same price, or even cheaper than non-organic brands! It’s a bit difficult to find both fairtrade & organic but you can find some here.


2)      Organic Fairtrade Coconut Oil

 On par with (if not better than) the Macadamia Oil, Coconut Oil has a huge following in Japan
and is making its way over to us in the UK! Truly versatile, it is great for cooking (being very healthy and adding new dimensions to aubergines) and can be used as an organic massage oil as well as being great for your hair, melting in your hand with its thick, comforting scent. In India & Bangladesh, women will heat the oil up, and then put it on their hair & leave it overnight, washing it out in the morning. Personally I’ve always hated the frizz in my hair so simply leaving oil in it completely prevents that. (People Tree Japan is looking to start sourcing this!)


3)      Organic Fairtrade Argan Oil

Argan Oil is probably the most well-known hair oil – and is does work wonders – although I find it makes my hair feel almost plastic, or synthetically soft, although this is most likely caused by my heavy bleaching but if you haven’t tried it, it’s definitely one to try! It’s also incredibly easy to get hold of, but make sure you’re buying organic & fairtrade.


Really most oils will be good for your hair, and a mix is likely to be the best! Try Jojoba oil as well!

4)      Aloe Vera

This may shock some people but aloe vera gel has really been my saving grace. My hair’s been through a lot, and with all the oils, you need something other than oil to keep your hair strong and able. I usually use this when I really have little hope my hair is going to make it through the next day, and really the fact I have a full head of hair is probably thanks to aloe vera gel. Psst… I also use aloe toothpaste which is the first organic toothpaste I’ve found which I like!

(yes, those are our fine Crystal Drop Necklaces dangling from the noble aloe vera)

5)     Free-Range Organic Egg and Organic Fairtrade Olive Oil* Hair-Mask

Eggs have a very high percentage of protein and Olive Oil is, well, just another great oil for your hair! Adding things like avocado can also have some pretty amazing effects. I usually leave the hair mask in for about 30minutes before washing it out, but make sure you don’t do this if your wanting to go out somewhere immediately afterwards because it can be quite dificult getting out all traces of the hair mask.


*You get the point! Right?

At the end of the day, not only are the types of hair we have different, but our personal style is too. Trying out these tips is a perfect way to start a more Fairtrade Organic lifestyle and believe me, your hair will thank you 😉

PS. A tip for anyone with dry lips – put any of these listed above (other than the Egg & olive oil hair mask, although it may well be brilliant, I’ve just never tried it!) on your lips & it’s far better than any lipbalm, particularly Vaseline which is supposed to actually stop your lips from creating moisture over time!


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