On 24 April 2014, People Tree Japan and Global Village hosted an event to mark Fashion Revolution Day in Shibaura House in Tokyo, Japan.


Guests and journalists who attended the event dressed in red and pink to show solidarity with the garment workers and the global campaign calling for more transparency in garment industry supply chains. At the event, candles were lit and the walls adorned with 1,338 handmade pink decorative butterflies – the number of victims who lost their lives in the Rana Plaza disaster.


The event opened with footage from Rana Plaza: One Year On. In this short film, People Tree’s CEO and Founder Safia Minney travels to Bangladesh with Fashion Commentator and Activist Caryn Franklin to hear the stories of the Rana Plaza victims and their families. The film gives a heart wrenching insight into the horrific impact of the factory collapse and the shocking realities of the fast fashion industry.

Next the audience watched Garment Girls in Bangladesh, a documentary by Tanvir Mokammel that highlights the key issues of the event and Fashion Revolution Day: wages and safe working conditions, future investment in garments in factory buildings and how to improve international trade.

After the films, there was a panel discussion about how Fair Trade and ethical fashion is the solution to the fundamental issues within the garment industry.


Angela, a top Japanese model and People Tree Ambassador, took to the floor to describe her experience in Bangladesh visiting People Tree’s producers. Angela collaborated with People Tree to design a dress made in Bangladesh. Angela described how she was deeply moved by meeting the women who produce dresses production at Thanapara Swallows. She shared how Fair Trade has a real positive impact on livelihoods and families. Here is a video from Angela’s trip to Bangladesh:

IO Takemura, Founder of Ethical Fashion Japan, spoke of the many different ethical organisations within Japan and around the world who seek to make a real difference in the global movement to end atrocities within fashion supply chains.


Want to know more about Fashion Revolution Day UK? Check out People Tree’s Fashion Revolution Day page or Fashion Revolution Day’s Website.

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