Just like pebbly beaches and regular bouts of rain, festivals have become a traditional part of the British Summer. From the Isle of Wight festival next weekend to Bestival at the end of September, having fun in the fields is going to dominate the next four months. And rightly so! Joyful escapism, music and celebration is nothing to be sniffed at. Moreover, at People Tree we are delighted by the rise in eco-friendly and sustainably minded festivals, directly tackling the issues of waste and rubbish that can take over the UK’s fields, long after the revelries are over. Some great examples of UK based sustainable festivals include Shambala, Boomtown, Green Man and End Of The Road. You can find out more about sustainable festivals here.

Whatever your festival scene, you can bring sustainability in your wardrobe. Here are some selected styles to take you through festival season and beyond! (Don’t forget our Mid Season sale! Use codes here¬†and here for up to 50% off your purchase)


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