I love a REAL Christmas.  I felt lucky to grow up with real candles on a real Christmas tree and homemade Christmas biscuits….  My grandmother, who ran a bookshop in Switzerland, flew in on Christmas Eve night having gift wrapped books all day – she was like our Santa!  Today the true meaning of Christmas seems to get lost; the important things forgotten in the hurry of getting from family to friends and parties. The only thing of a high street Christmas that excites me today are the lights and decorations on Oxford Street!

People Tree is all about putting people and our planet first.  We celebrate a more sustainable and real way of living, enjoying nature and the people around us.  We also campaign for a new way of doing business to prove how Fair Trade makes a difference to economically disadvantaged people and empowering communities.  Fair Trade uses profits to fund schools, clean water projects and more sustainable ways of producing the things we consume every day.

As an ethical consumer, when I started People Tree over 20 years ago, I wanted to work with Fair Trade groups who put environmental issues and supporting women central to everything they do.  That’s why People Tree uses natural and organic materials, as well as using handcraft skills like hand knitting, hand weaving and hand embroidery which are rare and unique in a world of synthetics and fast fashion.  These craft skills bring livelihoods to rural and remote areas where women can look after their children at the same time as earning a good living and making decisions about their futures.

This Christmas, we hope that you will want to give a gift that gives twice – something that delights your loved ones and also empowers the person who made it.  Join the movement to make Christmas a celebration for everyone around the world.

We’d love to see your sustainable and glamorous Christmas looks, whatever you’re doing and wherever you are!  Put your photos on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using these hashtags: #PeopleTreePartyDress and #PeopleTreeRealChristmas There will be a prize for the most creative picture and message!

Most of all, let’s slow down this Christmas and really take time to enjoy the things that matter; an intimate chat with family or a special friend, time to really enjoy a walk in the countryside or park, or helping people in need in your community.

Love, Safia x


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  1. I am glad to see so inspiring words in your blog. Christmas has always been one of the most delightful days for me. It’s like some kind of a magic happens on this day and all people meet the good and kind part of themselves. Under the Christmas tree we are all equal and willing to help each other. Hope more people get the message, even when the feast is over.

    Regards, Josh

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