Safia Minney, founder and CEO of People Tree, shares her New Year’s resolutions for 2015.


I have already resolved to eat veggie and organic food, recycle, buy only second hand, vintage and Fair Trade, shop for change and invest any spare money I have in good companies that are committed to people, the planet and best practice – what is there left to resolve to do?


Well, it’s a little embarrassing really.  I put my work ahead of everything else – myself, my family, my friends, my health – luckily most of the people around me love what I do and are passionate about it too, but eyes roll backwards when I’m talking social justice on a Saturday night at a bar or over a cup of herb tea. So, I’ll be putting myself first. Forcing myself to do yoga and stand on my head every morning. Not just 3 times a week – EVERY DAY come rain or shine (or menstruation). I used to have a 6 pack; I wonder if I do crunches after yoga every morning I could get by youthful tummy back?


I did a crash course (on cassette tape!) in yoga when I had my first home birth; knowing how to breath and being told to ‘ride the waves’ got me through contractions. Yoga gave me a core strength. It was only years later ( who manages time for yoga with small children?) when I was worried about falling down the escalator in high heels on my London commute, that I knew I had to choose between high heels and better balance – I choose yoga! My posture changed and I become calmer if I do 20 minutes at home each day. Organic farmers and artisans from India and Nepal would come to stay at home whilst working at People Tree and they taught me some basic yoga and that you don’t need to go to class to practice yoga – that was really liberating for me!


I’ll be taking at least a day off EVERY weekend to make time for my other passions photography, music, dance and a new book I’m writing on sustainable fashion. I’ll recycle some key pieces of clothes to edit down my wardrobe for People Tree’s new Spring collection (I adore our new collaboration of tea dresses with Orla Kiely in 100% organic cotton) and will dress like a man! I mean I’ll build outfits for Monday to Friday on Sunday so I’m not wasting valuable yoga time deciding what you wear.


But most of all it’s about nurturing my high energy levels for 2015 with organic, vegetarian food , great people to work and have fun with and the stimulation and growth that comes with running a rapidly growing international Fair Trade fashion business. As my job is so high pressure, it is particularly important to balance my life with plenty of country walks, mindfulness and meditation, nurturing positive and intimate relationships with family and remembering to just enjoying the simple things in life!


Happy New Year!

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