Since with the beginning of January it is time for New Year’s resolutions, we were thinking: why sticking to an ethical Christmas when it’s so easy to improve your actions every day by making small adaptations in daily life?

You absolutely loved our guide for an ethical Christmas and Herbfarmacy’s guest blog on eco-friendly product swaps, so we thought we’d give you some more tips for an ethical way of life – every day.



Here are our go-to small actions that make big changes – for a more sustainable and conscious way of living.

  1. Skip single use plastic & trash (bottles, cans and coffee cups, straws, plastic bags) – Use tote bags, reusable cups and lunchboxes instead
  2. Do your groceries in a zero waste shop if you have one near. If not, try the weekly market or simply take the loose tomatoes in the supermarket instead of the packaged ones (they’re usually cheaper as well)
  3. Eat mostly locally grown and seasonal food
  4. Eat less animal products. Their production has huge negative impacts on our environment, so already one vegan day per week can make a change
  5. Buy organic and Fair Trade products – at least every now and then! It often isn’t even more expensive than the other brand products you usually buy
  6. Repair things, buy second hand, swap with others – all this saves products from being thrown away and increases their life cycle
  7. Do foodsharing or just offer leftovers to neighbours and friends instead of throwing it away
  8. Separate your waste
  9. Turn the water off while shampooing your hair or brushing your teeth
  10. Load the washing machine full, wash cold, skip the quick wash programme. And use environmentally friendly detergent, which usually is gentler to the skin as well
  11. Turn off your plugs, cause electronic devices in sleep mode still use up energy
  12. Use eco energy – the cliché that it’s more expensive is outdated long ago
  13. Take the bicycle for short distance runs


Note: These are all suggestions. Some work easier for you, others don’t. There’s just one overall rule, which is most important: Strive for your best, not for perfection! Every (!) small change has an influence and summed up at the end of a year has a huge impact. Focus on that and if it helps, record your adaptations and make a check list which visualises your improvements to help you focus on this resolution. You will see, it’s not a sacrifice, but can actually be really fun 🙂



Do you have more easy tips and ideas? Do you have any questions or would like to learn more about a specific topic? We would love to hear what you have to say! Comment or share photos with the hashtag #ptethicalliving

We want to build a community for exchange on these topics and make the world a better place – step by step, every day, all together!