If you are registered to receive our newsletters, have recently visited the website or follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+, you are probably already aware that People Tree are ‘sharing the love’ ahead of Valentine’s Day, with our most recent offer. Up until Monday the 16th of February 2015, when you buy any dress from the Spring/Summer 2015 collection, we will give you a t-shirt, from our collaboration with the amazing artist Simeon Farrar, for free!


Being the colour of love, this fun t-shirt may seem like an obvious give away for Valentine’s Day, but it’s the slogan adorning the front of this garment, which we at People Tree, are advocating. This Valentine’s Day we want to promote and encourage self-love, as loving yourself is just as important as loving others, and we feel this is a sentiment often forgotten at this time of year.

Self-love can manifest itself in a variety of different forms, and is something which is unique to each individual. For many, this is a skill which needs to be learnt and practiced, in order for it to become a natural way of thinking. This may take time and patience, but once developed, this mind-set is invaluable; it will improve your confidence, increase your level of happiness and perhaps even change your life for the better!

So on February the 14th 2015, and every day of the year, why not ‘Go Love Yourself’?

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