Global Fair Trade Fashion Show


Are these the new Faces of Fair Trade Fashion?

On Monday 27 May, People Tree produced a Fair Trade Fashion Show at the Opening Ceremony of the Global Fair Trade Week in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Global Fair Trade Week is the 12th biennial conference of the World Fair Trade Organization.

The show offered the extraordinary opportunity to see a catwalk of beautiful garments produced by Fair Trade fashion brands and artisans from Africa, Asia and Latin America. Global Fair Trade Fashion brands joined together to showcase their beautiful products and share the message that Fair Trade fashion is a real alternative to conventional fashion.

The fashion show – “The Next Generation of Fair Trade” – featured 14 models from agency Lentes Dos Sonhos, translated Lens of Dreams, which is based in the Rio Favelas. The fashion show was produced by Fair Trade and sustainable fashion pioneer People Tree. The event was hosted in the headquarters of the Brazilian Development Bank and was attended by 400 people from the international Fair Trade movement and dignitaries including Professor Paul Singer.models2

Fair Trade Fashion Rocks!

Professor Paul Singer spoke at the Opening Ceremony about Fair Trade Fashion:

“Fair Trade is adored and appreciated. It is not only respected because of the extra money it provides to people but also because the workers and small producer are recognized and acknowledged. There is a new way to developing humanity. This Fair Trade fashion show proves simply that humanity can live up to its’ potential for happiness.”

Read what Safia Minney, Founder and CEO of People Tree, has to say about the Global Fair Trade Week:

“To be here for the 12th WFTO 2013 Conference is just incredible. This is one of the most unique and fabulous events ever. We are here to show a real alternative to consumers and educate people about Fair Trade Fashion. People Tree and our partners have pioneered 100% Fair Trade supply chains that respects people and environment.

Today’s fashion show showcases the best crafts skills, organic and natural materials as well as sustainable business practice that we so urgently need. Watch the video and see for yourself –

Fair Trade Fashion Rocks!”

Watch the video of the Global Fair Trade Fashion Show.



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