For many of us the opportunity to show how we truly feel about those close to us comes too infrequently, birthdays and Christmas can feel light-years apart and valentines day…forget about it. A wise scriptwriter once wrote “the key to a woman’s heart is an unexpected gift at an unexpected time” and according to the panel of experts we put this question towards at People Tree HQ, truer words have never been spoken.

Whether you are already eloquent in the language of love or simply want to say thanks to a gesture long forgotten, the giving of gifts has the power to reinforce friendships and simultaneously form new ones. Here’s just a few fantastic gift idea’s to help you show that certain someone they’ve got a place in your heart. (without putting a dent in your wallet).

Colour Block Scarf in Blue

The weather has finally adopted its ‘one step forward two steps back‘ approach to warming up, making layering the name of the game. What better way to ensure you ensemble is temperature appropriate than a lightweight scarf? 60% cotton, 40% linen and guaranteed to please!


Colour Block Pouch in Gold
Delicately hand beaded pouch created by artisans at Pushpanjali; a fair trade organisation founded in 1982 in Agra, India. Show her how much you care with an intricately hand produced pouch. The perfect accessory for a glamorous night out.


Hemp Shopping Bag
Hemp is an item of 1000 uses, its powerful strands historically aiding the war effort, leading to the production of several natural beauty products and providing surprisingly resilient clothing. The Hemp Shopping bag in natural is a perfect example of this, made by Prokritee, a Fair Trade social business in Bangladesh. The Hemp bag is both fashion concious and focussed on the future.


Floral notebook in Pink
Perfect for the organised (and disorganised alike) the floral notebook in pink is another item on the list produced by Prokitree. Who provide good jobs to poor, rural women,
empowering them to provide for their families.

And as always if you’re not convinced, why not try our  gift cards?