How To Make the Most of your Summer Festival Plans

As you might imagine, People Tree employees love to enjoy life, and come summer you’ll find most of us up to our knees in mud at a music festival. Whether you’ve got tickets to Womad, Bestival, Glastonbury (lucky you!) or an independent festival, now’s the time to prepare. Read on to discover our stylish essentials and practical tips.

  1. Be prepared to enjoy rolling in the mud.
  2. Pack face wipes, wet wipes, loo roll, hand gel, dry shampoo and never sit down in the porta loos in the dark at night.
  3. Wellies off outside the tent.
  4. Don’t forget a torch, as your iPhone will go flat.
  5. Want to avoid the queues? Have your shower at 5 am when you’re going to bed.
  6. Bring sun cream in case it doesn’t rain.
  7. Wear a hat and bring a lightweight scarf, perfect for accessorizing your outfit and staying warm in changeable weather.
  8. Bring a trolley to carry your heavy bags to your tent. And don’t forget your tent!
  9. Don’t sleep with glitter face paint on – especially for 2 nights running. The paint will run in your eyes and you’ll end up in the medical tent…
  10. And last of all, don’t lose your favourite People Tree jumper!

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