Organic September is in full bloom and we teamed up with Lord Peter Melchett of Soil Association and Romy Fraser, founder of Neal’s Yard and Trill Farm to celebrate the importance of all things organic.



Fashioning the Future brought together the like-minded people including media and bloggers and the public in an inspirational event to raise awareness of the benefits of organic products, building partnerships and transparent supply chains.


Romy Fraser shared her experience on her organic start-ups and the passion that brought her to set up Neal’s Yard and Trill Farm. Romy gave us an interesting account of how one’s childhood environment and upbringing shapes one’s future.  Romy fondly recounted her childhood memories of growing up in a time where children were let out to go and explore the great outdoors nature and come back at tea time.

This innate curiosity and freedom to explore led to her interest in plants and nature to promote natural remedies and the importance of a holistic natural approach when it comes to health and business.




 Lord Peter Melchett presented the Soil Association’s new report “Organic Cotton Helps to Feed the World” on organic farming and its positive impact on farmers around the globe. The report highlighted the plight of cotton farmers in India with staggering figures of 270,000 of them having committed suicide since 1995. However, according to the report, organic cotton farmers have more food security, growing an average of six food crops alongside cotton.


Safia Minney highlighted People Tree’s efforts in creating a partnership between organic cotton farmers and Fair Trade tailors units, with future plans to bring organic cotton to handweavers in Bangladesh. Safia discussed the challenges that a Fair Trade fashion company faces.

Lord Peter Melchett’s words of advice rang like an echo to the whole evening: “Buy Organic!” and Julian Burdock’s guitar followed, delighting the audience.




We would like to thank Romy Fraser, Lord Peter Melchett of the Soil Association, Julian Burdock and Vintage Roots Organic Wine Company.

We were delighted to see many old friends as well as make new acquaintances and hope you enjoyed the event as much as we did.  Until next time!

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  1. At last a proper statement! ‘ make organic the norm not the exception’. All this rubbishing of organic products not being any better/healthier than the rest, it shouldn’t be that way round. Organic was the norm, now obesity/asthma/skin problems appear to be.

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