Fashion Scout is one of London’s largest fashion showcases, renowned for providing a stage capable of debuting an entire generation of fresh and young designers.

On arrival at the Freemasons hall we were greeted with a queue of uniquely dressed individuals, some dressed appropriately for the weather with others adopting the ‘fashion over function’ ethos. Decked out in skirts and baring flesh in defiance of the crisp spring temperature.

Once inside we were offered a bottle of coconut water and with refreshments in tow ventured through the colourful stalls, meticulously noting the differences and similarities of each talented designer.

Erwin Michalec

There was no way to miss the vibrant hand painted designs of Polish born, Erwin Michalec. The London based artist worked predominantly without the aid of digital printing. Instead choosing to hand paint his designs onto thin silks, resulting in graceful floating pieces that elegantly followed the smallest of movements

Towards the back of the venue, hung the creations of Quoi Alexander. His collection consisted of pierced, torn, intricate garments. Stitched leather adorned the stall and was almost tribal in appearance. This was easily the most visceral of the collections we saw and we’re very excited to see what Quoi Alexander has up his sleeve.

Quoi Alexander

We also had a chance to speak with the Mehle designer duo. Their key focus being on tailored outerwear, merging functionality with comfort. Usually designing for “creative and powerful women” what we saw displayed however could easily extend towards the fashion conscious men of 2015


Finally, within the diverse displays we found our favourite young talent, Holly Jayne Smith. The British Council selected Holly for their International Residency Scholarship Award. Drawing inspiration from “people and human nature” two things we felt great affinity for considering humanity is at the core to the planning and design at People Tree. Her capsule collection was inspired by a trip to Morocco. Hanging on the rail were garments of bright pink, yellow and grass green with a golden metalwork appliqué, with the form of the garments drawing inspiration from sportswear and layered with intricate panelling.
holly 1

Holly Jayne Smith

 It was great to see current trends as well as check out the up and coming designers, the People Tree PR team left with plenty of
inspiration and cant wait to see what the future holds for every artist present at the 2015 talent scout (we just hope they incorporate sustainable materials in their next collection!)

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