Fashion Revolution Week

Fashion Revolution Week, the annual #whomademyclothes campaign will be held for the fifth time this year from the 23rd-29th April.

The Fashion Revolution is a global movement by people from all around the world who participate in the fashion industry as customers, professionals or advocates. The movement is challenging the human rights and environmental catastrophes in fashion supply chains and campaigns for a fundamental reform of the fashion industry. The goal is to achieve more transparency and build processes that value people and the environment in equal measure as profit.



The #whomademyclothescampaign was introduced after the Rana Plaza Tragedy on the 24th of April 2013, when the garment factory collapsed taking 1,138 lives and injuring many more humans. This event shook many people beyond the fashion industry but pointed out the need for urgent change. The campaign shall draw attention to this topic and make consumers think differently about what they wear. This way, Fashion Revolution aspires to change the way our clothes are sourced, produced and purchased, leading to an entirely transparent and collaborative supply chain from farmer to consumer.

As a pioneer in sustainable and fair fashion, People Tree will join many others around the world to challenge global fashion brands to demonstrate commitment to transparency and help work towards a fairer industry. We support this campaign because every person along the supply chain, from farmers to factory workers, deserve to be celebrated. We want to promote the appreciation of these people behind the clothes that keep us warm, make us happy and carry so many memories.

People Tree has been campaigning for over 26 years to demonstrate that an alternative to fast fashion is possible. We have partnered with 34 Fair Trade producer businesses in 13 countries, actively supporting 4,500 artisans and farmers. During regular visits of our partners, our social responsibility and production team provides trainings to strengthen their businesses and social impact. These trips are an important part of our DNA to ensure that best practice is maintained throughout our supply chain.



Transparency is one of our key values from the very beginning and we want to share with you #whomadeyourclothes. Without the devoted farmers, we wouldn’t be able to source the soft organic cotton we use for our garments. Without the skills and traditional knowledge of our talented artisans, we wouldn’t be able to create such unique designs. From the very beginning, every person taking part in the supply chain contributes to the final garment. So it is a crucial part of our philosophy to value their work and share their stories so you get to know the people behind the pieces you love.

For Fashion Revolution Week, we want you to see the faces and hear the stories of producers who create People Tree clothes.




Meet the producers creating the People Tree clothes this Fashion Revolution Week by checking our blog and socials and taking part in the campaign. From the 23rd of April this year, we ask you to follow these simple step to get involved:

  • Post photos of your People Tree garments, tagging us and #whomademyclothes and we’ll tell you as much as we know about the people behind those pieces.
  • Talk to other fashion businesses to learn more about where their clothing is made by uploading a photo on FacebookInstagram or Twitter with this message:
    “I want to thank the people who made my clothes. @brand #whomademyclothes?”
  • Visit the People Tree website and help support ethical fashion.
  • Help make the message louder. Nominate 3 friends to do the same.