Spanning 150 years of fashion, Women Fashion Power examines the relationship between powerful women, their wardrobes and it’s evolution over the decades. Your journey starts at the birth of women’s independence, showcasing the suffragette movement and the campaign for ‘Votes for Women’ through memorabilia and emotive photography.

votes for women

Historic advertising campaigns, fashion trends and publications transport you through the years showing the evolution of style and the massive impact fashion has had on popular culture. See momentous designs in the flesh from designers such as Chanel, Elsa Schiaparelli and Diane von Furstenberg.

fashion through the ages

Fashion and business heavyweights such as Livia Firth, Dame Zandra Rhodes, Dame Vivienne Westwood & Lady Gaga among many others, were asked to donate memorable outfits, some of which are unique, historic pieces. They are displayed along with exclusive interviews explaining how their chosen outfits are an important tool of their self-expression and empowerment to build reputation, attract attention and assert authority.


As you move towards the end of your journey, the topic of the future of fashion is broached, with outfits from Vivienne Westwood and the exclusive collaboration between People Tree & internationally renowned designer, Bora Aksu. Our hand woven, hand embroidered 100% silk evening dress is paired with a statement from our Founder & CEO, Safia Minney MBE:

Fair Trade and sustainable fashion is growing by 20% each year and more of us are actively searching out sustainable fashion to pioneer new ways of manufacture that put the worker and the environment central to design. The world is changing – and fashion can be the tool for change!”

people tree dress

The exhibition is also perforated with photographer Amelia Troubridge’s latest body of work ‘Joan of Arc Had Style’ featuring high profile female figures who have had an impact on the world’s media.

You will leave Women Fashion Power feeling inspired, empowered and ready to take on the world!

Head down to the Design Museum before 26th April to see it all for yourself.

All images taken by and belonging to Bethany Wray.

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