Connecting with the makers through making

This week the People Tree team has enjoyed hosting Esther Mwanyama (General Manager) and Julia Warugur (Designer) from Bombolulu Workshops in our East London office. We invited customers to join Esther and Julia for a very special jewellery making workshop at People Tree. Read all about it…

All About Bombolulu Workshops

Bombolulu Workshops is a Fair Trade social business in Mombassa, Kenya. People Tree partners with Bombolulu to create beautiful handmade jewellery in brass and silver plate. Providing support for physically-challenged people and encouraging sustainable development in Kenya are at the heart of Bombolulu’s mission.

People Tree Jewellery Making Workshop


Meet the Artisans

On Monday night, People Tree hosted a jewellery making workshop. People Tree supporters were able to make a piece of jewellery from brass materials brought over directly from Bombolulu Workshops. Everyone had a chance to make a necklace, earrings or a bracelet. The variety and creativity was impressive, spurred on by Safia who offered a prize for the most creative, beautiful and interesting design! The results were amazing.

The workshop began with a talk by Safia Minney about People Tree’s partnership with Bombolulu. Safia talked about People Tree’s Wheelchair Campaign. Last summer, Safia traveled to Kenya to help Bombolulu deliver wheelchairs to children. People Tree is working with Bombolulu Workshops to raise funds to provide wheelchairs to disabled children in Kenya. For every 100 pieces of Bombolulu jewellery that People Tree sells, People Tree donates a wheelchair to one child.   Watch the inspiring video about our Wheelchair Campaign.

Esther and Julia told us about themselves and their fantastic work. Esther gave an overview of the amazing story behind the jewellery. Julia told us about her amazing passion behind her designs and craftsmanship. They emphasised how important People Tree is generating opportunities for people with disabilities.

Getting used to the pliers was not always easy!
Getting used to the pliers was not always easy!

What did our customers think about the night?

 “Enjoyed being able to work with small delicate components and experience the difficulty of the craft. It was a new way to appreciate and experience the fashion we consume and the emotional tractability of the product! Connecting with the makers through the making!” Subathra

“Great workshop! Would like to do more!” Liannah

“Really interesting to find out more about such a great organisation. Such important work and so many people benefitting. You’re making lots of people smile! The project is very inspiring. I really enjoyed it and would definetly come back to a similar event in the future. Thanks so much!”  Kirsty

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