10 Years of Organic Farming

Parbat Suja Padhariya is an organic cotton farmer with Agrocel. He’s been farming organically for around ten years. Parbat owns a 7 acre farm and earns … Read More ›

November 18, 2015

Peace One Day

  Peace One Day is happening shortly and if you go onto their website– it’s almost as exciting as counting down to Christmas with a … Read More ›

September 18, 2015

The True Cost interview

 The True Cost saw its international release on Friday the 29th of May. The film which takes a scrutinising look at the current state of … Read More ›

June 2, 2015
Cocoa Beans Being Sun Dried in Ghana

Fairtrade Cocoa

As it’s Easter, we thought it appropriate to shine the spotlight on cocoa, to give you an insight into the harsh industry and the ways … Read More ›

April 4, 2015