10 Years of Organic Farming

Parbat Suja Padhariya is an organic cotton farmer with Agrocel. He’s been farming organically for around ten years. Parbat owns a 7 acre farm and earns … Read More ›

November 18, 2015

The True Cost interview

 The True Cost saw its international release on Friday the 29th of May. The film which takes a scrutinising look at the current state of … Read More ›

June 2, 2015

Alternative Clothes Show

New York, London, Milan, Paris…and Crouch End! Last weekend, to coincide with global fashion weeks, the Alternative Clothes Show put on a `real people`s catwalk` … Read More ›

March 24, 2015

World Water Day 2015

Can you imagine a world without water? A world devoid of tropical lagoons, vast oceans and the predictable rainfall of a British summer? Earth is … Read More ›

March 22, 2015