Behind The Threads | The story behind our latest Recycled Sari collection

For our new Spring Collection, People Tree has introduced a beautiful new range of lifestyle products made out of recycled sari.

Recycled Sari Bag, £65
Recycled Sari Bag, £65

People Tree artisans use recycled sari to make a line of unique range of stationary, accessories and throw blankets. The stationary is made by hand with paper created from waste cotton and jute off-cuts. The accessories and throw blankets are made using the traditional kantha stitch. These unique products are perfect for a meaningful Fair Trade gifts.

Recycled Sari A4 File,  £14
Recycled Sari A4 File, £14

In kantha, a running stitch binds together layers of recycled sari fabric. Traditionally women in India and Bangladesh make kantha blankets for their families and children, believing the blankets provide protection and prosperity. Accessories and home décor made with kantha are growing in popularity.

Recycled Sari Notecards
Recycled Sari Notecards, £10

How did we begin working with recycled sari?

Many of our craft producer groups are based in tiny villages in Bangladesh and India. The artisans live surrounded by nature. Their homes are often made of mud with squash plants trailing over their roofs. They feel a strong connection and respect for nature and a great sadness when they see their local trees disappearing.

People Tree began working with craft producer groups using recycled sari in 2005. Standing in a tiny village and working with one of our groups, we were brainstorming with them about what was available – then a stainless steel pot seller came to the door.

“Any old saris?” He asked. “I give you best quality pots.”

Devika, the home owner jumped up to do a deal – and that’s how the recycled sari project started.

After years of wear in the fields, even the patched saris become too tatty to wear in parts. We started to mix these with hand made paper created from waste cotton and jute off-cuts and before long an exciting new craft range of stationary, homewares and accessories was born.

Shop People Tree’s Recycled Sari Lifestyle range here.

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