Artisan Hut’s Founder and CEO Monju Haque paid us a visit last week so we thought it would be interesting to share some of his thoughts and information about the company. Monju says that “People Tree’s partnership with Artisan Hut has been highly beneficial to the garment workers. People Tree has helped the artisans improve and develop their skills so that they can produce durable and high quality garments, while achieving production timelines. 

People Tree has taught the artisans about fashion design; including dyeing yarn to match pantone colours and making patterns for the European Market. Ultimately, possessing these skills gives the artisans a sense of purpose in their everyday lives.

Monju Haque Founder and CEO of Artisan Hut with the People Tree team last week

Artisan Hut’s handwoven pieces are of high quality and well-suited to the European market. Hand weaving is a traditional skill in Bangladesh and through partnering with People Tree, handwoven fabrics have become more accessible to the global consumer. Moreover, Artisan Hut is committed to producing handwoven products that are made ethically at every stage of the manufacturing process and the weavers are paid a fair wage, which has had a significant effect on their quality of life.

AW17 People Tree pieces produced by Artisan Hut including Hannelle Jacket

Artisan Hut’s use of traditional skills and ethical practices show that sustainability can work in the fashion industry. As more people learn about sustainability, natural materials and ethical practices, they will make more conscious consumer choices. However, this needs to reach a wider audience to encourage major retailers to accommodate the needs of this new consumer. People Tree is setting an example for others to follow.

“If they do not wear how will they know?”- Monju, Founder & CEO of Artisan Hut on the comfort of 100% Organic cotton.