An Alien Winter | Behind the scenes at a Canadian eco-fashion photo shoot

Today on The Thread, we have a guest post from Malorie Bertrand, an eco-fashion blogger and stylist for EF Magazine. Malorie shares with us her styling process and highlights her favourites from the People Tree Autumn Winter 2013 season.

Blogging for EF is about creating unique and engaging content. I am always making notes in my iPhone whenever a thought for a post or a photo shoot comes to mind. For EF’s latest fashion shoot titled An Alien Winter, the inspiration came from the woods surrounding my family cottage just north of the rolling hills of Gatineau Park, Quebec Canada. It is important for any aspiring stylist to always be on the lookout for inspiration. You’ll be surprised at where you find it.

Forests can be a bit eerie, especially at dusk. In the fall, the deciduous trees at my cottage lose their leaves, covering the ground with a delicate blanket of burnt orange and leaving the trees pale and exposed. It’s the kind of place that gives you a sneaky suspicion you’re being watched from between the branches. I think I watched too many episodes of the X-Files as a child or was it being terrorized by visions from Fire in the Sky? Clearly I was exposed to too many scary images as a kid. Regardless, I somehow combined spooky, Halloween woods with the idea of a beautiful, model Loreena McKennitt landing nearby and spending a few days orienting herself in the forest. Of course, being an alien, she’s highly intelligent and knew to come prepared, sporting some bright, modern, fall pieces to try and blend into the foliage. I use blend loosely here.

Photo shoots can be purely creative or act as beautiful imagery AND as a promotional tool for great fashion. Since EF is all about promoting sustainable fashion, I always make it a point to choose clothing from a variety of designers that fit the photo shoot’s theme while still respecting my artistic vision. People Tree was a natural fit. I hadn’t featured any of the company’s clothing before and it had some beautiful, bright knit sweaters and feminine skirts to choose from. For this shoot, I was looking for fall colours, heavy textiles and a variety of textures and prints.

People Tree Tree

The first outfit we shot (see above) is a simple look with a luxuriously heavy and oh-so-stretchy eggplant dress by Nadia Tarr, topped off with People Tree’s Esme Multi-Colour Jumper. I chose this sweater to add colour, pattern and texture to the otherwise simple dress and of course, to keep our alien Loreena warm! I like using layers, especially in the fall, and pairing delicate dresses with heavy sweaters is a neat way of changing the dress’s look entirely. You can do the same with a silk skirt and pair it with a cashmere sweater for a casual Christmas party outfit.

The second look includes this gorgeous Red Matilda Wrap Skirt, paired with a luscious red top from Judith & Charles (a great Canadian label) and a vintage shawl by Vancouver-based Young Oak Vintage. This outfit is perfect for work or a casual stroll. I like how the two plaids work off of one another and play up the top, making it really pop. Don’t be afraid to pair similar prints together so long as their colours complement each other.

Credits: Text and styling by Malorie Bertrand, EF Magazine and August May Sustainable Styling; photography by Katia Pershin Photography; hair and makeup by Kimberly Tessier; model is Jazmin, Models International Management.

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