It’s no secret that 2021 has had its challenges. For People Tree, though, it has also been a year of celebration and reflection, as we marked our 30th birthday. It has been a privilege to share our journey with so many people over the last three decades. The world and our industry looks a lot different to how it did when we started. Thanks to you we have been changing the face of fashion, showing that ethical, sustainable and eco-friendly fashion can look and feel beautiful.

From our farmers growing GOTS certified organic cotton right through to our #LovePeopleTree network of customers around the world, People Tree truly is a community from start to finish, striving together for a better fashion future. 

Come with us as we review 2021, and look forwards into the new year.

People Tree Year in Review

Supporting our community

As with 2020, in 2021 we have focused on supporting our producer partners through the global pandemic. The People Tree Foundation has worked closely with suppliers like Creative Handicrafts, to provide them with extra support when needed.

The wellbeing of our partners and all involved in our supply chain is a top priority, working safely together, adhering to local restrictions while manufacturing our collections. We are truly grateful for your support this year, especially at times where delays have resulted in collections arriving later than anticipated.

People Tree Fairtrade Producer Partner KTS - Year in Review
Fairtrade producer partner KTS.

Continuing our work towards a more sustainable future

Our standards have always been high, because nothing less will do. In 2021 we have continued to be active members of a number of groups and organisations campaigning for social and environmental justice.

Alongside maintaining our strict fairtrade and environmental standards, we’ve continued our work towards better environmental and ethical credentials. In 2021, People Tree introduced natural cotton denims that are free from dye. You will also see new Eco Verde Recycled Sewing Thread in our collections from 2021 onwards.

We were also delighted to be recognised by FOUR PAWS and Good On You as one of the top brands worldwide for protecting animal welfare in the fashion industry.

People Tree Undyed Denim Collection - Year in Review
Undyed denim collection launched 2021.

Collaborations and exclusives

This year we created a special collection of exclusive styles for ASOS for AW21. People Tree also launched several beautiful archive print collections, as part of our ongoing partnership with the V&A.

People Tree V&A Collection - Year in Review
Millefleur and Celandine prints from our AW21 V&A collection.

Looking forwards

It doesn’t stop there, we have exciting plans for People Tree in 2022. There are a number of new sustainable practices that will be introduced into our production process. Our much-loved essentials range will see gorgeous new colourways. We are excited to introduce a number of new hand craft skills in our upcoming collections, with support from our artisan producer groups. 2022 will also see beautiful new V&A archive prints, in SS22 and AW22.

People Tree will also be expanding our offering to our lovely audience around Europe and beyond. We are excited to get to work, continuing our efforts to make fashion fairer and more sustainable.

Thank you for your ongoing support, you make all of this possible! We look forward to all we will achieve together as part of our #LovePeopleTree community in 2022.